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BFAST is a UNC TEACCH project that aims to connect members of the Black community to culturally sensitive services and resources for Black autistic individuals.
This fact sheet provides information on what distinguishes supplemental security income (SSI) from supplemental security disability income (SSDI) and who is eligible to receive the benefits.
Parents Helping Parents supports, educates, and inspires families and the community to build bright futures for youth and adults with special needs.
Information about tailored care management.
An online, self-delivered training designed to address the counselor’s role at the intersection of autism and sexual assault on college campuses.
A curriculum for those who are teaching courses related to sexuality and gender identity. Self-study courses for staff, teachers, parents, etc. Live workshops, online workshops, certificates, in-service, etc. Free online webinars, quizzes, steps to become involved in advocacy, handouts, etc.
AKALAKA video that describes how to use Medicaid to get what you need.
AKALAKA video that equates learning the Medicaid process to learning a new language.
AKALAKA video that discusses the trials and tribulations of interstate Medicaid.
Brief overview of healthcare power of attorney, including who may want this and how their rights/responsibilities may change.
Information about who can access help managed by Alliance Health for intellectual/developmental disabilities, what kinds of help are available, and how to get care
Information about government provided disability services, benefits, financial assistance programs, job programs, and disability rights
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