Elevatus Sexuality Resources for People with IDD

What is this resource?

An organization that aims “to empower, motivate, and educate self-advocates, professionals and parents, to gain confidence, comfort, knowledge and skills to teach and talk openly about sexuality which will enable people with developmental disabilities to lead sexually healthy lives”.


How to use

  • A curriculum for those who are teaching courses related to sexuality and gender identity.
  • Self-study courses for staff, teachers, parents, etc.
  • Live workshops, online workshops, certificates, in-service, etc.
  • Free online webinars, quizzes, steps to become involved in advocacy, handouts, etc.

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Resource Topic: Healthcare, Sexuality / Gender

Resource Type(s):  Website

Resource Audience/Topic: Adult Service Resources, Educators and Service Providers, Explore my identity and relationships, Pre-Employment Transition Services  Resources , Self-Advocates

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