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Working Together from

Possibility to Opportunity

A Community Collaboration focused on the transition to adulthood for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).

Our Common Agenda

We bring together self advocates, families, employers, state agencies, and service providers to improve access to opportunities and resources.

Did you know?

Businesses that hire people with IDD report improved workplace culture, customer satisfaction, and public image. [1]

Employers describe people with IDD
in the workplace as:
attentive to work quality
highly productive.

Yet, 56% of adults with IDD in NC are unemployed.[2]

Students talking in the hallway.

This solution to this systemic problem is much bigger than one organization or program – which is why we are working together to create a cross-sector, statewide movement toward opportunity for all.

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  2. [2] (2022). Population Data from the American Community Survey (Post 2007), Cognitive Disability. North Carolina, U.S. Total: Percent of Working-Age People Who Are Employed.
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