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Packet that provides a list of actions that are grounds for petitioning the Clerk for removal and replacement of the ward’s guardian.
A resource guide detailing what guardianship is, who qualifies for it, and what the responsibilities of a guardian are.
Parents Helping Parents supports, educates, and inspires families and the community to build bright futures for youth and adults with special needs.
Information and resources for when your child reaches the age of majority. Covers transfer of parental rights, guardianship and alternatives, tips, and more resources.
These tools are designed to help a person, family, or a professional explore areas where any person might need decision making support, plan for what it looks like and how it can happen, and seek out the needed supports.
Brief brochure that discusses guardianship and other options.
Webpage with multiple PDFs, in English and Spanish, with information relating to the transition period.
Dr. Nneji of AKALAKA shares what she has learned from being a sibling of a sister with IDD.
Dr. Nneji of AKALAKA discusses how sharing stories brings the community of sibling care partners closer together.
A video from AKALAKA that discusses the challenges of navigating services as a primary care partner.
AKALAKA's founder shares how her responsibilities for her sibling changed when her mother passed away.
Video that introduces AKALAKA, an NC-based community for care partners and individuals with IDD.
Brief overview of Social Security's Representative Payment program and the role played by representative payees.
Brief overview of North Carolina's foster care system for young adults aged 18 to 21.
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