Rethinking Guardianship: Foster Care 18 to 21 | Cuidado de crianza temporal de 18 a 21 años

What is this resource?

This brief guide, available in both English and Spanish, describes eligibility for foster care services for young adults aged 18 to 21 years old. It includes additional resources and mentions some benefits of the program.

Una guía corta que explica los servicios del cuidado de crianza temporal de 18 a 21 años. Menciona recursos adicionales también.

How to use

Learn about foster care for individuals aged 18 to 21.

Elige el PDF en español para aprender más.

Resource Topic: Guardianship, Housing, Services Navigation, Transition Planning

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Resource Audience/Topic: Families, Find Services to Help Me, Live in my Community, Self-Advocates, Transition Planning

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