General, Financial, Legal, and Healthcare Supports | Apoyos generales, financieros, legales, y del cuidado de la salud

What is this resource?

This webpage, hosted by Rethinking Guardianship, organizes PDF documents into different categories based on topic. The topics provided relate to the transition period for people with disabilities, and shed light on general, financial, legal, and healthcare supports that may be available.

Sitio web con PDFs que estan organizados por tema, en inglés y español. Los temas incluyen apoyos generales, financieros, legales, y del cuidado de la salud.

How to use

Choose the topic you are interested in and browse the available PDFs to learn more information.

Para leer en español, elige un tema y el PDF correcto en español.

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Resource Topic: Daily Living Supports, Financial Planning, Guardianship, Legal Rights and Protections, Transition Planning

Resource Type(s):  En Espanol, PDF, Website

Resource Audience/Topic: Families, Self-Advocates, Transition Planning

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