What’s Next: College?! A Guided Exploration of NC Inclusive Postsecondary Options for Students with Disabilities

What is this resource?

This comprehensive, interactive handbook includes worksheets/handouts outlining college options for students with intellectual disabilities in North Carolina, as well as important decision making factors such as financial aid, living options, and student life. It also includes key considerations unique to students with disabilities (i.e. how to access accommodations).

Table of Contents:

Is College the Right Fit for Me? Worksheet

Student-Directed Exploration Instructions

University Virtual “Tours” (links to videos)

Community College “Tours” (links to videos)

Information handouts: learn about college classes, internships, living options, student life, admissions, and paying for college

Student Directed Exploration Worksheet

My College Vision Worksheet

Disability Services and Supports Information Handout

Accessibility Tool Catalogue

More Resources for Parents and Students

How to use

This handbook is designed to be a user-friendly, accessible digital resource for students with mild-moderate intellectual disabilities interested in pursuing college and their families. It is embedded with links to videos and more information.

In order to maximize self-determination in the transition planning process, students need accessible information and exposure to possibilities. This handbook helps OTs, school counselors, teachers, etc. ensure that students are adequately supported to make informed decisions about college.

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