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Free downloadable tools including a weekly mood tracker, feelings wheel, and introduction to the neurodiversity paradigm handbook.
Learn more about the role of remote employment in creating inclusive employment practices.
This resource, for library professionals, discusses the needs of autistic library patrons.
This guide provides step-by-step instructions for any Supported Employment provider to partner with their local Chamber of Commerce to co-host a "Coffee Talk" event for employers.
A helpful resource for high school occupational therapy providers. Focuses on the transition from middle school to high school occupational therapy services.
This podcast series--by and for self-advocates--touches on many topics relevant to individuals with disabilities.
BFAST is a UNC TEACCH project that aims to connect members of the Black community to culturally sensitive services and resources for Black autistic individuals.
This is a guide for individuals with disabilities who might be interested in nursing as a profession.
Learn more about how individuals with disabilities can start their independent/community living journey.
PACER's website is a wealth of information and resources for housing for individuals with IDD and their families.
This worksheet will help young adults craft a vision statement about what they want for their life after high school.
This fact sheet describes key requirements for transition services for students with IEPs.
The Student Dream Sheet can help students set goals and share their interests and preferences.
Packet that provides a list of actions that are grounds for petitioning the Clerk for removal and replacement of the ward’s guardian.
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