Sex Ed for Self-Advocates | OAR

What is this resource?

This guide is a sexuality and sex education resource written specifically for autistic people age 15 and up. Autistic people sometimes don’t have the chance to learn about sexuality and sex in ways that work for them, so OAR created this guide as a starting point to change that. There are 9 sections, each with articles, brief videos, and a chance to test knowledge and practice new skills.

How to use

You can use the sections in the guide in any order that is helpful to you. Some people may choose to work straight through, section by section; others may find one section that they currently need to know about and read only that for the time being.

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Resource Topic: Financial Planning, Sexuality / Gender

Resource Type(s):  Video, Website

Resource Audience/Topic: Explore my identity and relationships, Self-Advocates

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