Rethinking Guardianship: ABLE Account Guide | Cuentas ABLE

What is this resource?

This brief PDF guide, available in both English and Spanish, explains ABLE accounts and includes other information such as eligibility and plan comparison. It also lists additional resources for those considering an ABLE account.

Una guía corta sobre las cuentas ABLE, que discute elegibilidad y ofrece comparaciones entre planes diferentes. 

How to use

Learn what an ABLE account is, and how it may help you.

Elige el PDF en español para aprender más.

Resource Topic: Financial Planning, Self advocacy, Services Navigation, Transition Planning

Resource Type(s):  En Espanol, PDF

Resource Audience/Topic: Advocate for myself, Families, Find Services to Help Me, Make Choices and Plan for my Future, Self-Advocates, Service Navigation, Transition Planning

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