Indicator 14: Data Driven Transition Planning | Indicator 14: Planificación de la transición basada en datos

What is this resource?

Hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), this website provides information related to Indicator 14, including an introductory video (shown above). You can learn why this project matters, and how you can participate.

Sitio web con información sobre Indicator 14, incluyendo un video de introducción.

How to use

Click on the video above for an introduction to Indicator 14, or follow the website link below to visit VCU’s Indicator 14 project landing page.

Para leer en español, elige “ES” en la parte superior y a la derecha del sitio web.

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Resource Topic: Transition Planning

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Resource Audience/Topic: Educators and Service Providers, Families, Pre-Employment Transition Services Best Practices, Self-Advocates, Transition Planning

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