North Street Community

Durham (Durham County)

Services/Programs Description

Since the summer of 2012, about 100 new folks have moved into a pocket of one Durham, NC neighborhood.
We’re old and young. We’re white and black and Asian and Latinx. We’re single and married. We're straight and gay. We’re homeowners and renters. We’re people with graduate degrees and people who learn in Special Education classrooms. Some of us are mostly able-bodied. Some aren’t. What we hope distinguishes us is that we want to be neighbors with one another and we want to be neighbors with our neighbors—the ones who’ve lived in Old North Durham for decades.


Q: Are there any formal supports offered through the neighborhood?
A: There aren't formal supports, but there are natural supports that happen, as in any robust community of caring people.


Q: How much does it cost to live there?
A: Folks who own their own home pay their mortgages each month and folks who live in apartments pay rent determined by owners who also live in the neighborhood. Apartments vary in size and rents do, too.

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