Community Talk Series: Navigating Tailored Plans for Sibling Partners

Community Event


March 8, 2023





With founder of AKALAKA, Victoria Njej, PhD.

Join this conversation with AKALAKA about the role sibling care partners take in adulthood with I/DD, the services in North Carolina that may be available to maintain long-term care at home and in community, and the support and resources available to help adults with I/DD and sibling care partners navigate life with disability and care.

During the presentation attendees will learn:

  • To better understand the unique challenges adult sibling care partners may experience navigating I/DD services.
  • To better understand the services available in North Carolina Tailored Plans.
  • To better understand support and resources available to help adult sibling care partners navigate North Carolina Tailored Plan I/DD services.

AKALAKA believes in providing the best support and resources to those who need and give the greatest care. AKALAKA’s mission is to enable greater access to home & community-based services for those who have historically had inequitable access, starting with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their sibling care partners, by building a network for more of us to feel less lost or alone on the lifelong journey of disability and care. Dr. Victoria Chibuogu Nneji, who has been a sibling care partner herself for 20+ years as well as an engineer, entrepreneur, and educator for 15+ years, founded AKALAKA with a commitment to inclusive innovation.

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