Lunch and Learn Webinar on Public Transportation in NC

Community Event


May 8, 2023






    • Ryan Brumfield, PE, Director, Integrated Mobility Division, N.C. Department of Transportation
    • Kai Monast, PE, Program Manager, NC State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education

This topics covered in this webinar will:

  • An overview of the public transportation system and related transportation services in North Carolina.
  • How to navigate the public transportation system for scheduling trips, planning transportation services, and meeting the transportation needs of people in your community.
  • The future of public transportation in North Carolina, including ways the North Carolina Department of Transportation is planning to improve access and mobility for North Carolinians with transportation barriers.

CART captioning and ASL Interpretation will be provided for these sessions.  If you are unable to attend, please register anyways and I will send you a copy of the materials and a link to the recording.

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