Post-Secondary Education

WCU University Participant Program

Cullowhee (Jackson County)

Services/Programs Description

An inclusive, on-campus experience for college-aged individuals with I/DD. The purpose of this program is to facilitate transition into adulthood through education, employment, and independent living. A certificate of accomplishment will be rewarded.


-18-25 at time of admission
-Documented intellectual disability
-Have been enrolled in a high school special education program that does not allow students to complete the requirements necessary for standard admission into WCU
-Demonstrates communication skills adequate to interact with others on WCU campus
-Demonstrates socially acceptable behavior that will allow a favorable experience on the WCU campus
-Demonstrates ability to be unsupervised overnight and manage own medications
-Adequately motivated to learn and benefit from participation in the UP Program
-Expresses interest in living and working as independently as possible in their community with paid employment at or above minimum wage working 20 or more hours per week after completing the UP Program and supported by parents and families to do so


Course fees, housing, meal plan, student activities, and other university costs

Phone Number(s)

Kelly R. Kelley 828-227-3298 Alexandra Mathis 828-227-3318

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