Post-Secondary Education, Transition Planning

Transitions Foundation

New Hanover County

Services/Programs Description

Program that prepares college-aged students with autism with the necessary skills to complete post-secondary education through academic and vocational goal attainment in college courses and transition planning. TFNC is a practical, hands on experience with a community-centric approach as a fundamental part of daily education for success.


Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)/Exceptions are made based on ISCS school setting in high school
Student must be 17 or older to participate in summer session while still attending high school
Student must have exited high school to be able to participate in program full time
Ability to work within a small group and to transition between school and community activities
Students with aggressive or violent behavior are not permitted
Motivated to work hard
Family network committed to working with the program



We offer year-round enrollment and scholarships.

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