Healthcare/Mental Health, Sexuality and Relationships

No Limits Counseling

Located in Charlotte, NC; Serves statewide virtually

Services/Programs Description

This organization offers the following services:
- Mental health counseling for teens (16+) and adults with Down syndrome
- Couples counseling and relationship coaching for couples with intellectual disabilities
- Relationships and boundaries groups, dating workshops, and sexuality education courses for individuals of all I/DD diagnoses
- Parent consultation appointments to assist parents in helping their child with extra needs develop healthy social and emotional skills
Services are available to facilitate mental health and relationship skills groups to organizations serving the disability community. Virtual services available throughout NC.


Individuals with Down syndrome receive priority for available counseling sessions, as this population is often overlooked in the field of mental health. Counseling is available to others with I/DD diagnoses depending on availability. Individuals must be 16 or older. Groups are offered to individuals with intellectual disabilities ages 13 and up.


This organization accepts private pay. Individual counseling costs $145 for initial intake and $105 for each session after intake. Skills group rates are variable depending on length of program and number of participants.

Phone Number(s)

(910) 632-4837

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