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We meet our members wherever they are in the planning process, and assist them to move forward.

Many people procrastinate when it comes to getting their wills or trusts set up, doing basic financial planning to ensure that some needs for their child will be covered, and other tasks related to planning for the future.

Families know it is important, but so are the daily activities of their lives. Somehow these less immediate tasks sit on the back burner.

For people with disabilities who receive government benefits, an inheritance can jeopardize the supports they receive. There are various ways that parents can ensure that this does not happen.

For people with disabilities who do not receive government benefits, there are steps that families can take to provide for some income for their loved ones, through careful advance planning.

Wherever you are in the process of planning for the future, Lifetime Connections can help.
We organize information sessions by lawyers, financial planners, and other professional services for our members, to help them gather information and take next steps to ensure a safe and secure future for their loved ones.
We provide training to lawyers, financial planners, doctors, and other professionals on what the needs of families and people with disabilities include.
We offer our members access to a growing database of financial and legal professionals who have specific experience supporting people with disabilities.
We provide regular forums for our members to move through a seven-step process of envisioning the future for their son or daughter, and putting a plan in place.


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