Healthcare/Mental Health

Club Nova

Carrboro, NC

Services/Programs Description

This organization is a clubhouse model mental health center (community center setting). Club Nova fosters community and provides a place to be during the day for those with mental illness. Programs include voluntary participation in the "work ordered day", which includes all tasks relate to running clubhouse; employment programs in 3 areas (Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, & Independent Employment); and recreation services including events and classes within the local community.


Members must prove existence of severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI). From there, there are various criteria for admission and continuation of services. Initial admission includes referral packet completed by a medical provider, review of documentation, and approval by Club Nova team. Basic criteria includes proof of major mental illness, 18 yr+, and absences of a primary diagnosis of developmental disability or personality disorder.



Phone Number(s)

(919) 968-6682

Work Together NC