Access GSO and I-Ride Paratransit Services

Greensboro City Limits only (Guilford County)

Services/Programs Description

Access GSO is the Greensboro Transit Agency's shared-ride transportation service for eligible riders who have a disability that prevents them from riding the fixed route bus. They offer door-to-door and curb-to-curb services.

I-Ride is an Access GSO service that provides private, door-to-door transportation. It is available to certified ADA paratransit riders in Greensboro.


Determined on a case-by-case basis; disability must prevent access to fixed route services.


Access GSO offers pay by ride options:
Cash Fare ~ $2.50
10 Ride Punch Card ~ $18 (Individual Purchase 1 Card)
40 Ride Punch Card ~ $56 (Bulk Purchase 4 Cards)

I-Ride offers a flat fare of $8.50 per trip. This will cover travel anywhere within the city limits of Greensboro.

Phone Number(s)

Access GSO Customer Service: (336) 373-2732

Access GSO Reservations: (336) 333-6589

Access GSO Applications: (336) 373-2166

Access GSO Cancellations/Account Information: (336) 333-6589

I-Ride Reservations: (336) 663-1693

Paratransit Application

Visit the Access GSO website and scroll partway down the homepage to view information about the multi-part application.

How to reserve a ride

Rides can be reserved via the Access GSO Passenger Portal, the Access GSO Reservations phone number (above), and the I-Ride app.

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