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A research report with information and terminology about a wide range of housing models for adults with A/I/DD. A helpful resource families, services providers, and community members to build partnerships to address local housing needs.
A guide for people with disabilities to find and use resources about home and community-based services.
Information about who can access help managed by Alliance Health for intellectual/developmental disabilities, what kinds of help are available, and how to get care
A housing planning toolkit for parents/guardians of children and adults on the autism spectrum who are living in NC
Nonprofit community-based programs that are professionally run by individuals with disabilities for people with disabilities to help them with independent living, advocacy, transition to adulthood, etc Español: Programas comunitarios sin fines de lucro que son administrados profesionalmente por personas con discapacidades para personas con discapacidades para ayudarlos con la vida independiente, la defensa, la transición a la edad adulta, etc.
The Arc national website page with video and plain language text options to help individuals with IDD and their families explore things to consider for planning housing throughout adulthood.
Directory of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Associations.
HUD Fair Housing Equal Opportunity website with information about housing rights, obligations, and resources for individuals with disabilities.
A planning guide for individuals and family members to use to learn about housing needs for individuals with ID/DD. Topics include a self-assessment of one's goals, housing options, housing unit types, and funding for housing.
Financial support for individuals with ID/DD and their families searching for integrated supportive housing that meets their needs in the community
Information about residential housing options provided by The Arc NC.
Housing resources through Alliance Health for people with I/DD, including information on the Independent Living Initiative, the Restoring Hope Initiative, and Transitions to Community Living.
A resource guide to help you plan for your future.
A checklist to use to think about how a place where you live (now or in the future) might have things you like and need.
A parent hosted podcast brings on expert guests about how technology can ease living for individuals with disabilities and various ways forms of assistive technology
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