Stories of Entrepreneurship and CIE

Community Event


February 28, 2024





Self-Employment is becoming a viable option across the country for some people with disabilities. It matches a person’s strengths, interests and skills at something really meaningful to them and provides an opportunity to launch or grow a small business. Join this presentation to hear about the various components of Rhode Island’s Self-Employment Business Incubator initiative and the important ongoing supports that assist people to have a successful small business. Three inspiring entrepreneurs with disabilities will also share information about their individual businesses, how and why they started, talk about the supports they receive, and give their advice to others who may be interested in starting a business.Webinar Objectives:
  • Understand the Rhode Island Self-Employment Business Incubator Initiative.
  • Explore the Ongoing Supports for Small Business Success.
  • Hear inspiring stories of entrepreneurs with disabilities.
  • Learn practical advice for prospective entrepreneurs.

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