NC Down Syndrome Virtual Speaker Series | Unraveling Down Syndrome and Autism

Community Event


December 13, 2023





An estimated 20% of individuals with Down syndrome can have a co-occurring diagnosis of autism. This presentation will discuss the characteristics of autism in Down syndrome, methods for diagnosing, best practices for a new diagnosis, and priority interventions that are useful across the spectrum. Dr. Patel will also cover tips for navigating a dual diagnosis as well as what might be overlooked with a dual diagnosis.

Lina Patel, PsyD is an Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, practicing at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Dr. Patel is the Director of the Down Syndrome Behavioral Health Collaborative, a virtual clinic providing tele-behavioral health services to children, teens, and young adults with Down syndrome. She provides consultation with schools, parent training regarding the management of challenging or unsafe behaviors, toilet training, and desensitization to medical devices (such as hearing aids and CPAP), and evaluation for dual diagnoses, including autism. She has worked with hundreds of individuals with Down syndrome. Outside of her clinical work, she conducts research as the Director of Neurodevelopmental, Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment at the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome. Additionally, she has presented to numerous organizations across the country and internationally and is the coauthor “Potty Time for Kids with Down Syndrome: Lose the Diapers, Not Your Patience.”

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