Elevatus Training | Tinder, Grindr and More: Supporting People with I/DD Who Are Dating Online

Community Event


February 14, 2024


1pm - 4pm



People with I/DD want to be in relationships, but often struggle with just how to meet people. Lots of folks today are meeting people online, often through dating apps. How do we successfully support someone dating online? And what are some specific things to know about dating apps? Join us for this two part online workshop and leave feeling more confident that you can handle this topic.

Part One: Online Safety

This can be challenging for anyone, whether you’re a person with I/DD or someone who supports them. For example, as a support person, you might be asking yourself: How can I help someone when I don’t know anything about online dating or dating apps? What do I need to understand in order to be supportive in a positive way versus a fear based way? What knowledge and skills are needed in order for people with I/DD to navigate safely dating online?

Learning Objectives:

  • Review current avenues of online dating, with a special emphasis on dating apps that people with I/DD can use to meet new partners.
  • Explore the difference between disability-specific apps, such as Glimmer, and apps for anyone, such as Tinder and how to talk about these differences with those you support.
  • Examine what knowledge and skills are needed to navigate online dating safely, including avoiding common scams.

Part Two: Using the App

Part two of the workshop assumes the person dating has chosen a dating app to work with, they’ve taken some measures to be aware of basic safety and common scams, and they’re signed up, ready to begin…but now what? In this workshop, we’ll explore the actual dating parts of online dating, such as how to set up an online profile more likely to help you date successfully. We’ll look at how to socialize successfully on the app, and how indeed to plan a date once you’ve found someone interesting. Importantly, we’ll also look at how to handle important emotional issues, like rejection, frustration, ghosting, and more. And further: we’ll also look at how to know if things have gone well, and what to do from there!

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how successful dating often starts with preparation and ways to get prepared.
  • Examine how to set up a profile that will attract more people.
  • Describe how to “court” someone, striking up conversations and finding someone you’re interested in.
  • Explore strategies for successful, safe, and pleasurable dating: online and in-person.
  • Examine the date and its success and what to do next!

This is a 3 hour online workshop for professionals, administrators, self-advocates, parents, etc. We use Zoom, a video conference platform to deliver the workshop. There will be opportunity for questions and live engagement with the presenters.

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