ECAC | Working Together Series; Topic: Dispute Resolution 6

Community Event

Collaborative relationships among family members and educators are critical to student success. And yet, as in all important relationships, disputes will happen. How might these disputes be engaged constructively? How might those relationships be strengthened so that differences are handled with the least cost to all involved? The Working Together Series provides strategies that you can immediately put into action to improve family-school relationships.

This is a six part series with the following dates (all meetings occur at 6:30pm):

Apr 16 | Apr 23 | Apr 30 | May 7 | May 14 | May 21

Topics include:

  • Trust
  • IEP meetings
  • Listening
  • Emotions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Focusing on Interest

The information in this series builds from one session to the next. ECAC asks that participants make every effort to attend as many sessions as possible. Certificates of completion will be issued for those who attend all 6 sessions.


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