ECAC Tool Time Tuesday: ECAC, Equity, Special Education and the Learning Equity: Network for Solutions North Carolina (LENS-NC) group


August 22, 2023


12:00-12:30 PM



One in five children struggle with learning differences and attention issues. Students of color who are at the intersection of race, disability and/or special health care needs, have even less favorable outcomes and face greater challenges in our educational systems.

Please join Karyn Montague, ECAC’s North Carolina State Improvement Project – Program Lead and Millie Ramos, ECAC Lead Bi-lingual Parent Educator, as they discuss ECAC’s partnership with the Learning Equity: A Network for Solutions North Carolina (LENS-NC) cohort. We will use this time to share information about current equity activities, resources, and watch ECAC’s video titled, “Race and Ethnic Background in Special Education,” which was created through the LENS-NC partnership.

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