ECAC | The Guide to Extended Content Standards for Parents

Community Event


February 27, 2024


7pm - 8:30pm



Curious about the Extended Content Standards aka ECS, “the extensions” or adapted curriculum? The alternate achievement standards are designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities so they can have access to the Standard Course of Study at grade level. Join us to learn more about ECS.


  • Review of belief systems
  • Learn about the Federal Law pertaining to students with a significant cognitive disability
  • Parents gain an understanding of the process in ECATS in determining if a child has a significant cognitive disability
  • Know where to find the Extended Content Standards and what they mean to your child
  • Review of resources for instruction towards the Extended Content Standards
  • What is the NCEXTEND1

Presented by:

Matthew Martinez

Consultant for Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Office of Exceptional Children

Division of Educator & Student Advancement

NC Department of Public Instruction

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