ECAC: Teaching Parents of Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs about Sexual Health (Module 3)

Community Event


February 26, 2024


7pm - 8:30pm



Teaching Parents of Children with Disabilities About Sexual Health is a free training program presented by parents of children with special healthcare needs. The Whole Child Health Section of the NC Division of Child & Family Well-Being developed this three-module training in collaboration with a core workgroup that included parents of children with disabilities, Whole Child Health Section Staff, community partners, and a subject matter expert. After completing the training modules participants will gain tools to increase confidence and commitment to educate about sexual health, develop strategies for teaching their child about sexual health topics, and gain knowledge about common sexual health safety issues for children with disabilities.

MODULE 3: Parents and Caregivers as Sexual Health Educators

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the traits of an askable parent
  • Understand how sexual health education can reduce the risk of sexual abuse and violence
  • Describe some common sexual health safety issues for children with disabilities

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