ECAC | Our Children Belong: Changing the Way We View Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Inclusion

Community Event


April 30, 2024





Join this discussion on how the voices of autistic individuals and parents continue to change the way we view awareness, acceptance, and inclusion. We will explore a brief history of the Autism Society of North Carolina, the evolving conversation around Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month, and share our services and programs.

Did you know the Autism Society of North Carolina was formed over 50 years ago by a group of parents who wanted to build better lives for their children with autism? The parents – including JoAnn Jeffries, Betty Camp, and Mary Lou “Bobo” Warren – did not accept that their children were unreachable or should be excluded from school or community life. They made history and began what is now known as the Autism Society of North Carolina in order to share information, provide support to one another, and improve the lives of all children with autism in the state.

Come learn new details about the Autism Society of North Carolina and what their Support Groups are doing to create true belonging and contribute to a heartful conversation about what the future holds for children and adults still proclaiming, “We belong!”

Presented by Courtney Chavis, Support Groups Director Autism Society of North Carolina

Hosted by the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC)

Work Together NC