Healthcare/Mental Health, Advocacy, Family Support

National Alliance on Mental Illness: NC services

Alamance, Caswell, Rockingham

Services/Programs Description

Provide resources including information about mental illnesses, resources for recovery, lists of books & reviews. There are support groups for families as well as classes for education on mental illness and mental health symptoms.


You can become involved through being a donor, volunteer, a member or being involved in NAMI walks, which are walks that are put in place to raise money and awareness about NAMI and to ensure that NAMI services and programs can be given to those in need for free. You can become involved through clicking on the hyperlinks from ( to learn more


There are fundraisers such as NAMI walks to ensure that anything that needs to be paid for does so through fundraisers and donors. This way people who are in need of the services are not having to pay for them

Phone Number(s)

(336) 437-0206 (not a crisis line)

Crisis Lines NAMI Alamance, Caswell, Rockingham Area Crisis Line Crisis Line: 800-451-9682

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